Multifamily Risk - the 'Tales'-Side of the Investment Coin.

Heads and tales, risk and reward - the two sides of an investment that must weighed to make an informed decision. It is also precisely why asking investment advice can be tricky – risk and reward are not necessarily a 50 /50 proposition as no two investors evaluate them with the same weight. Temperament, experience, education – all factor together to determine your brand of investor. Some are risk averse, thus the risk side of coin “weighs” more. Others may invest with a “damn the torpedo’s” attitude, looking toward reward and minimizing talk of risk. My goal here is to take my personal bent out of the equation and give context to the question – How risky is Multifamily (MF) investing?

Vetting an apartment deal sponsor - 10 tips from an insider

Today I spent an hour with an investor discussing the ins and outs of apartment syndication. It was the kind of conversation I love to dig into - my friend is bright, does his homework and comes with insightful questions. As we began though, it was clear - this conversation would go nowhere before one fundamental question was answered: how do I know I can trust the sponsor? The following article is on David Thompson's website ( and appeared on Bigger Pockets in April 2018. We have reprinted it here with his permission because as an insider who has been involved in multiple apartment deals, David has a proven track record of identifying strategic partners. Kirk I atte

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