The 2020 Outlook for Multifamily Apartment Investing

2019 was a strong year for multifamily investing and the year ahead looks to be more of the same. There is a significant amount of capital in U.S. markets searching for yield with very few alternatives. Multifamily apartments will remain one of the more attractive asset classes for yield. Although, we expect some compression on yield rates due to the higher price environment and supply increases in many markets. With the upcoming election, we expect that there will be confusing signals circulating about the health of the U.S. economy, which may slow down the movement of capital. But, on a fundamental basis, the economy will add more jobs and the absorption rate of new apartment units remains

What is the Ideal "Hold Time" For a Property?

This is a question I was recently asked by one of our multifamily investors. Most of our projects are projected on a 5-year hold. She was wanting to know why. That is a great question. As I was thinking about this question, it occurred to me that this question should be applied to any piece of real estate. How long should you hold that rental house you bought a few years back? How about that piece of land? My answer to this question is simple. Ideally, you hold it forever. Ideally, when we buy commercial assets, we'd like to hold them as long as we can. If they're great assets, then they should continue to produce value over the long haul. We buy multifamily, storage and mobile home parks. I

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