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Steeple Rock's Hilton Hampton Inn in Corydon, IN Exceeds Expectations.

Corydon, IN – [Date] – Steeple Rock is proud to announce the tremendous success of the Hilton Hampton Inn located in Corydon, IN. Since its inception, the property has outperformed conservative estimates and is on target to achieve an impressive cash-on-cash return of over 20% within its first year of operation.

With a strong focus on meticulous planning and prudent financial strategies, Steeple Rock is seeing success in its diligence and search process.

Some noteworthy statistics from the property's performance in Q2 are:

  1. Room Revenue: The Hilton Hampton Inn in Corydon witnessed an astounding 10% increase in room revenue over actuals, showcasing the strong demand and popularity of the hotel among guests.

  2. Occupancy: Despite challenging market conditions, the hotel showed resilience by reducing Year-on-Year (YOY) occupancy by 84 nights, a testament to its operational efficiency and exceptional guest experiences.

  3. Capital Expenditure (Capex): Steeple Rock made strategic investments in the property, allocating $11,000 for elevator and pool improvements. These enhancements have further enhanced guest satisfaction and overall guest experience.


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