Best Ever Podcast Features Mike Krieg

Mike’s real estate career started off a little unusual compared to most, as his first deal was in Russia. Moreover, his first deal was a debt syndication. After that deal, Mike started buying duplexes and small multi’s in Texas. He wanted to get out of the landlord life and protect his focus on his family and especially his non-profit work he loves so much so he sold half of his portfolio and invested it in multifamily deals. Now Mike is raising capital for deals, and has helped investors acquire over 3,800 multifamily and self storage units. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Five Reasons We Love Investing in the Self Storage Business

I've always been pretty excited about self-storage investments. How many of us have driven by a self storage facility and wondered, "How can I get a piece of that business?" Intuitively we know that it's a great business model, and the trend for easy storage is not going away anytime soon. Most investors in the real estate space are familiar with the economics of housing and multifamily assets. Self-Storage is a close cousin to multifamily apartments that I think deserves merit as a part of an investment strategy. There are 5 main reasons why I love the self storage business. Durable Rent Revenue Simply put, the revenue from self storage businesses is consistent, durable and increasing. We

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