Seven Reasons I Prefer Multifamily Apartments

One of the best and safest ways to build wealth is through real estate. But there are many ways to invest. I have bought and sold single-family rentals, duplexes, and triplexes. I have also made forays into vacation rentals. But, far and away, my favorite investment in the real estate space are multifamily apartments. Here are seven reasons why: Multifamily Apartments Offer Economies Of Scale With a single-family rental property I have one stream of revenue coming from one resident. I have one roof, one water heater, and one HVAC system for the house. When I buy my properties, I protect myself by buying positive cash flow properties, but often times the cash flow goes right back into the hou

A Smart and Low-Risk Way to Get In On Mobile Home Park Investing

Everybody is talking about hacks these days. It's nice to discover those little tricks that make life easier. Personally, however, I want the big hacks. The hacks that change my life. My personal journey has gone from a house hack to a rental, and then to several rentals and then multifamily. It's been a great experience. Now I focus on investing in three different assets: multifamily communities, storage, and mobile home parks. I love the diversity they give me. I can invest across the country in different markets and own different assets that non-correlate in some respects. This has been my method of saving for retirement and building a portfolio that provides passive income. And so far it

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