Protecting Our Residents From Coronavirus

Across all of our communities we are taking action with our management companies and property managers to take robust measures to protect our residents from Coronavirus. In many of our communities we do a lot to promote community and connection. Right now we are canceling many of our community building events due to the Coronavirus for the protection of our residents. At the same time, we are communicating with residents about measures each team is taking to protect the community from the spread of the virus. The document here is a sample of what we are communicating to our residents.

What I Learned Teaching 400-Level Finance Majors About Syndications

For the past couple of years I've had the privilege of teaching university students about value-add commercial real estate and the finance of syndications. The classes consist of 400-level finance majors who are heading into finance as a career. As always when teaching, the students aren't the only ones who learn something. The teacher also benefits. Here are a few things I observed from my experience teaching these bright students. Real World Experience Is Appreciated I was struck by how engaged the students were. The reality was that they were highly interested in the subject matter. They spend most of their time studying models and theory, and the rest of their time being tested and quizz

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