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Ellie Perlman Interviews Mike Krieg

Today’s guest, Mike Krieg, knows and understands you can’t have a diverse portfolio and be an expert in every asset and every market. The solution? Partnering with Co-Sponsors!

Listen along to understand how this strategy can be implemented to help scale out your business faster, and diversify your portfolio while reducing your risks. As Mike shares, “This business is all about choosing where to be and who to work with.”

Listen along for excellent insight into how to select a sponsor and implement the processes needed to build out a solid business of trust.

Asset: Mike’s portfolio includes multifamily, self-storage, and mobile home parks.

Process: In this episode, Mike explains the process from beginning to end in working with co-sponsors for maximum success.

Strategy: Co- Sponsors are the key to leveraging relationships, experience, expertise, and market knowledge, just to name a few. Mike shares with us the criteria he uses to make wise selections of Co-Sponsors.

Mike’s Bio:

Michael is co-founder of Steeple Rock Partners, LLC. Michael earned a degree in Business Administration from the University of Montana with an emphasis in Finance and International Business. He has been investing in real estate for 14 years. Mike has co-sponsored multiple projects to purchase 4000 apartment and self-storage units.

How to Contact Mike:




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